Friday, March 30, 2018

Palace: 'Do not forget to pray and meditate on this Holy Week'

The Palace now reminds all believers not to overlook the true spirit of the Semana Santa. In a statement, Presidential Spokesman Sec.

Harry Roque remembered and contemplated the sacrifice, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

 The secretary said that the meditation and prayer should be given in the middle of the fun and worry of this holiday.

 Roque added that it should be noted that the Bible's very good news in which Jesus was crucified, died for humanity and was resurrected to give us eternal life.

 MalacaƱang has already urged the public to help authorities to make the long vacation of the day of the week.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Overloading on ships, PUVs are backed by: Holy Week

Malacanang is now instructing various government agencies to intensify surveillance to ensure safety of passengers this week.

According to Presidential Spokesman Sec. Harry Roque is one of President Duterte's guarantees that no overloaded ships will be able to sail because of the disaster.

In addition, LTFRB's chief executive officer said the roadblocks would be worth the road buses in different provinces to avoid the same tragedy in the Dimple Star Bus where nineteen passengers died.

Roque added that this is the reason why the President ordered the anti-kolurom drive of the government.

The President does not want to be in the collegues because when it is accidentally there is virtually no benefit to the victims because there are no insurance and does not comply with other government requirements.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

'Maragtas' top 1, found life hard before graduating from PNPA

Cadet Fritz John Napalinga Vallador, the PNPA Class of 2018's valedictorian, stressed the difficulties before achieving his dream of serving the people fully.

In his speech at the graduation of Maragtas Class of 2018 this afternoon, Vallador recalled the experiences of a province like him from Negros Occidental.

The cadet recounted that they had only a simple life with her grandparents and experienced various jobs before they could be eaten.

The valedictorian class also thanked President Rodrigo Duterte and all the parents and relatives of the graduating cadets in their support.

Vallador promised to use the entire Maragtas Class of 2018 what they learned and to engage in justice, integrity, and service in their hearts to the people.

The new graduates will be doing what is right because he said corruption would be worse if it violates the law.

2018 PNPA valedictorian, will attend training for the SAF

The PNPA Class of 2018, the Cadet Fritz John Napalinga Vallador, is in full swing in the training of the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police.

According to Vallador's foster parent, Nelia Deocares, PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa himself told Vallador to join the elite force of the PNP.

She said she was happy for the baby she had grown up. He is also the one who has grown up since his 9th year of age.

Deocares also boasted that before the PNPA entered the PNPA, Vallador was 'indecisive' but now she is out of the academy.

Vallador is the head of Kabankalan, Negros Occidental and received Presidential Kampilan Award and Plaque of Merit from President Rodrigo Duterte.